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Chimney Relining Services – Nanticoke, PA

Is Your Chimney Safe?

Most older chimneys in the Craftsman Era of Nanticoke, primarily to the end of the 1940s, were built without a proper flue lining.

What does this mean?

Well, in modern construction, new masonry chimneys need to keep a minimum clearance of two inches away from the house. This ensures that there is a two-inch gap between the chimney and the house. We would then have four inches of solid masonry, some masonry fill and a properly designed flue, which is around an inch and an eighth thick. This gives us around six inches of masonry plus two inches of clearance from the flame to anything combustible.

In contrast, the older chimneys were typically constructed of a red sandstone brick, that was built touching the house wooden siding or studs. Furthermore, over the years, the masonry joints between the bricks have eroded, typically because the chimneys having not had spark arresters on them for many years and the creosote creating corrosive acids that eat away at the masonry. Or the bricks may have settled or cracked creating gaps. This potentially allows the combustion gases to begin pyrolyzing the timber and could eventually lead to a fire. Also, if there is excessive creosote buildup, there may be a chimney fire and any voids could also possibly lead to this fire spreading to your property.

How Do I know If my chimney is safe?

If your fireplace has no damper, this is typically a sure sign of no flue lining!

If you look up inside the chimney and all that you see is Red brickwork, or you look down it and see the same, then this is considered unlined. This can be a very dangerous situation and the chimney should not be used until it is inspected by a chimney professional and deemed if it is safe to use.

The Cure – Relining your chimney

After inspecting the chimney to ensure that the chimney is a good candidate for the type of repairs needed, we will come to your home and typically in one day:

– Remove the old firebox

– Plaster the smoke chamber with refractory mortar

– Drop a new stainless steel or another type of liner from the top down, seal it in place and fill any voids around the new flue with insulation

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