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Chimney Repair – Nanticoke, PA

Chimney Repair is an essential but often ignored part of the house. Outside of the chimney sweep, very few homeowners are truly aware of any repair or maintenance that the chimney might require. When it comes down to it, it’s out of sight, out of mind. It shouldn’t be. Letting chimney fall into disrepair can not only lead to more expenses down the line and risk everyone’s health inside the home.

An inefficient chimney can also increase the levels of carbon monoxide and other exhaust gases in the room, which happens but rarely, yet one must be cautious because it can be lethal.

We at Harth Enterprise are determined to provide a complete chimney repair service to our clients in the Nanticoke, PA area and other cities around us.

Repairing Chimneys-The Process

Our chimney masonry repair services are top-notch, our masons are trained and certified and have been working in this field for many years. To ensure that our customers have a good, working chimney, we have a procedure we follow.

  • Inspection: The first thing our mason does is inspect your chimney thoroughly, ensuring that it’s in good repair.
  • Report: After the inspection, our mason communicates his findings to you, explaining the problems in detail.
  • Quote: We’re aware that chimney repair cost can be expensive, especially when there are significant problems. We do our best to offer our clients the most economical solutions.
  • Quick and Quiet: Our workers work as quickly and as unobtrusively as possible, making sure that we cause the least amount of disturbance.


Various Aspects of Chimney Repair

We are well equipped to deal with any problems that your chimney might have. Usually, your chimney might require only minor repairs, but sometimes, there are major faults in the structure that need to be addressed.

  • Chimney Cap: An efficient chimney cap would keep water, dust, and debris out of the chimney. If the cap is damaged, it’ll allow water and debris to enter the chimney, and that can damage the entire structure.
  • Structural damage and spalling: Cracks in the structure of the chimney can prove to be a major problem if it’s ignored. At early stages, this is an easy fix for any mason.
  • Fireplace repair: The firebox is directly exposed to heat and smoke, and it is the part of the chimney that is most susceptible to damage. It is recommended that you have it inspected at regular intervals. Being diligent in maintenance would reduce the chimney repair expenses.
  • Fireplace flue: The flue is what keeps all the dangerous exhaust and gases away from you. Keeping it in good repair is essential.

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